Well believe it or not, we are well into 2015 already! Time certainly flies, doesn’t it?

One of the tools that I use to motivate folks is by participating in different active lifestyle events, such as Track and Field competitions, Snow Ski Races, etc. After the event, I conduct a video interview with some of the other competitors and ask them how they did and why they participate in the event. Oftentimes my interviews are with older or disabled athletes. This approach really seems to get people’s attention. If these folks can do it, there are No Excuses for anyone else.

The other thing I like to do to help motivate and encourage others is what I call my birthday event. I line out a day where I participate in as many sporting events that I possibly can. Six years ago I did 20 active lifestyle events in about an 18 hour period. We started in Big Bear with winter sports, moved to Riverside for motor and water sports, and finished in Newport Beach with beach sports. The following year I did 26 sports. We have YouTube videos of each of these “Birthday Events” under Press.

So for my birthday next month, I will attempt to break my record of 26 events in 20 hours. My goal is to do much more than 26 events and I plan to extend the event to 24 hours. Activities will include snow sports, water sports, motor sports, along with other outdoor and beach activities.   My goal is to show that anyone can get out and do one healthy activity.  And the best time to start is NOW!  To steal a quote from Warren Miller – “If you don’t do it this year, you will be one year older when you do.”

And by the way, this will be my 65th birthday! There are NO EXCUSES.

~ George Crezee