Well this is no joke! The wheels are in motion for my upcoming Birthday Bash aka Day of Insanity – April 1st! Snow Summit has given me the green light to do my birthday bash event starting at 3 A.M. Crap no turning back now! I’ve been training in as many sports that my body can hold up to, which is not an easy task!

Special thanks to my wife Uli for putting up with this insanity and my family and friends for the support. I welcome Heather DeVito to the team. She is a nutritionist, physical therapist, ski patroller and adventure racer. I can’t thank you enough Heather for helping me get through all this. Thanks to Alex Baroian and Teddy for your sponsorship – you guys are awesome, and to OAKLEY for the great gear they sent me! So if anybody wants to help out before or during the event I can use the help! THANKS everyone! Here we go!

Remember – NO EXCUSES!