My mission for Get Off The Couch And Go is to educate, inspire and motivate the masses to get off their asses.

I’ll be sharing the stories of many different people and their accomplishments and what can be done with a little effort. The people I have met so far are truly inspirational. Most the interviews that I have done (see YouTube) are with people aged 60 to 90. My hope is that their stories will encourage you or somebody you care about to make lifestyle modifications for the better, regardless of age.

We will share information on many different activities that you can get involved in and how simple it really can be to get started. Hopefully I can help you to get past the intimidation and open the door to a new, healthier lifestyle. I understand the anxiety of trying something new and self-doubt that goes through our minds. It’s not easy to get past these fears but together we will succeed. You can do it!

I am also available for speaking engagements. Do you know of a group or community that could use some inspiration? I’m here to help! I’ve spoken before large and small groups, classrooms and organizations. My goal is to share my message about leading an active, healthy lifestyle.

So enjoy the web site and drop me an email to let me know how you are doing.

Remember: NO EXCUSES!

2014 Pasadena Conference on Aging

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