In true George fashion, I entered one of the the toughest cross-country ski events around – The Great Ski Race!  ( )

I skate-skiied over 18 miles and climbed 1100 vertical feet. OUCH!  I went into this event totally unprepared (oh what a surprise).  I was having a lot of self doubt like we ALL do.

With well over 700 hundred others, it was quite the party scene, at least at the start. The snow was very wet and heavy from the rain right before the start so this changed the conditions dramatically. The snow was so slow you even had to work going down hill.  This made it very difficult for every one. But even with the challenging conditions, the scenery was awesome and the people were great.  Maybe next year I might actually train! Oh who am I kidding.

Check out the interview that I did with Marilyn, who by the way is blind and completed the race.  So there you have it –  if Marilyn can do it, so can you. Remember – NO EXCUSES !