Well here we go, the first mountain bike race at Rim Nordic. I have now been moved up to category 2, which means two laps instead of one (ouch).

Where do I start… I made some major mistakes during this race, like putting on new shoe cleats and moving the shoes forward without practicing. I had very tough time trying to find the pedals at the the wrong times. Then on top of that I fell twice and crashed twice all slow speed – yeah!

If you have not ridden Rim Nordic, you are really missing out. It is very challenging. It’s a lot of single track and more than enough climbing.

I did the Big Bear Paddlefest the day before and fortunately it didn’t affect me too much until near the the end of the race. That’s when I had a hard time holding on to the bars. (Highly overrated in my opinion!) It sure is fun to race with so many good friends and to get to be on Team Bear Valley Bikes (www.BVbikes.com). Thanks to everyone for making this so much fun.

Remember NO EXCUSES!