Paddlefest – what a great and fun event! This is one of those events you can do with very little experience and still have a great time.

The race had over 160 entries with paddlers using canoes, kayaks and stand up paddle boards (SUPs). There were people on the course who were very encouraging to each other. It makes it very enjoyable to race with such good people! I had about 1 1/2 hrs of training before this event. I don’t want to over-train ha ha!. I did the 10k race in a single outrigger canoe. (Thanks Mindy for the use of your boat.) The single outrigger canoe is akin to the Hawaiian style of paddling. This boat is really fast and more importantly – it looks really cool.

It is really cool how big paddling has gotten to be. There are more kayak and paddleboard rental places around the the lake than there have ever been. This means more and more people are having fun paddling on this beautiful lake.

So if you want and event that you and your family can do together paddling is the answer. So get out there and have some great family fun. Your family and friends will talk about it for years to come. Well I guess I had better get ready for tomorrow’s mountain bike race. Get your butt off the couch and go paddle. Remember NO EXCUSES!